On-Going Rescue of the Shasta, CA ranch horses who went through the kill sale at the Fallon Livestock Exchange sale on October 9, 2012:
Thank you to everyone who donated to help buy/rescue some of these horses; we have so far rescued/bought 17 horses, including 5 mare/baby pairs, but the links to these videos I took yesterday at the kill buyers are of ALL of the horses at the kill buyers place who will begin shipping to slaughter on October 24th, and that includes the babies and weanlings too.
 I give descriptions of all the horses I am videoing and give their status too. These are an awesome bunch of horses, and ALL of the mares with and without babies except for the Indian Reservation mare who is just plain scared out of her mind, are halter broke, lead well, we can groom them and handle their feet, and I suspect a few even ride....true quality horses of Quarter Horse, Paint Horse and Appaloosa breeding, that came off a ranch near Shasta, CA and were used as breeding stock most likely for ranch horses on a large acreage ranch....both owners are now deceased, so the Estate sent these horses to the Fallon Livestock Exchange kill sale where they went through on October 9th. I spotted them at the sale yard on Friday, October 5th and began investigating who the horses were and where they came from and then began the rescue.
Just so everyone knows, I am holding enough money back of my own and also from donations for feed, dewormers, etc, so no worries that they will not be taken care of if I rescue them...and .while we can't rescue them all, the ones we do rescue will be alive instead of being slaughtered, and I will make sure we find great homes for them too.
Please circulate the links and description of what this rescue is all about because there are still so many really great horses that NEED to be rescued and I will only give up when they are all either rescued or they have been shipped to slaughter.
We are a small rescue in terms of manpower and only 3 of us have been involved in this rescue; myself, my husband Rick and our friend Laurie, and not getting much sleep, are stressed to the max, but it is a labor-of-love because we *know* a lot of those horses at the kill buyers now and want to help them until we can't anymore.....we do also have two wonderful business women who have really helped network this rescue, have donated, etc and that would be Lisa and Sarah.
 In addition to that though, you ALL have helped tremendously with networking, "Sharing", donating and everything else, so a big THANK YOU to ALL that have helped us! :-)
.All of these videos that these are the links for are the Shasta, CA ranch horses which will be going to slaughter on Wednesday, October 24th. There are a few horses in the videos that are also kill horses that need rescuing if they are in the same pens with the Shasta horses, but most are the horses that are still included in the rescue I've been focused on.
ALL of these horses are scheduled to begin shipping to slaughter in Canada beginning next week on Wednesday, October 24th, but I will continue our rescue efforts until there is no more hope of rescuing them because they have shipped to slaughter.
I also found out that on Monday or Tuesday, the rescue that had said they were buying those mare and foal pairs where the foals are only about 3-4 months old, and were supposed to also rescue some weanlings, backed-out and aren't saving them, so they are now also going to be shipped to slaughter, even the babies because of the delicacy called "filet of foal", so just like veal in cattle......DISGUSTINGLY BARBARIC! 
ALL of the weanlings are also being shipped to slaughter beginning next Wednesday, October 24th, but they may also be held back a little to give me a chance to buy them (they're only $100!) and/or find people who want to buy them.....there are some VERY NICE weanlings, so I'm already going to buy 3 or 4 of them to keep them safe, and also have a woman who the kill buyer gave her my number to help her select one even though they are the kill buyers horses....the kill buyer really is trying to work with us on these, so I'm keeping my cool through all this even though its really making me sad about all the horses being in jeopardy.....and I'm really mad at that rescue for saying they were rescuing horses and now they aren't because I would have been pushing them last week instead of saying they were safe on the video.........seriously, we've rescued 15 horses already, put I may have actually re-thought the palomino mare with "issues" rescue (I know that may sound harsh, but a horse that will go on to be productive would be a better rescue if I had to choose) that will live here the rest of her life in exchange for rescuing a mare/baby pair that now may die horrible deaths just because a so-called "rescue" didn't have the compassion to do what they said they'd do..
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRE9CobCzWY ----This mare had been going out on the shipment to slaughter on 10/17, but I was able to keep her off the truck, put her back with her baby and this is a video right before we jump her into my trailer to take the two home.
Please everyone, send this whole email/post out to everywhere you can think of so a lot of people will watch these videos and perhaps either will buy a horse for themselves, will donate so I can rescue them, and/or "Share" and network these horses far and wide.....I'm thinking Oprah could just buy them all, just pay only for their feed at my place and I WILL find them awesome homes.....so everyone, please email folks like Oprah too because I KNOW most of these horses at the kill buyers now, and would love to rescue them all and be able to find them ALL good homes..
The Starlight Sanctuary
Laura Bell