Thursday, November 15, 2012

This does not bode well for the mustangs.

Link to Cloud Foundation You Tube

At 4:25 in, here is what Salazar says about the Wild Horse and Burro program in response to Phillips' question about whether or not the BML is contemplating making changes to safeguard the horses:

" ... the fact is that there are huge issues with the Wild Horses and mustangs on the public domain and there is a major effort on the part of the Bureau of Land Management to make sure that a problem that has gone unaddressed for a very, long time does get addressed. And we're working on it very diligently."

A problem that has gone unaddressed. Really, what were the last four years of roundups about and why does he feel that the wild horses are a "problem."

You know, he really can't do much harm to Phillips in spite of his off camera threat (too bad the tape didn't role a little longer) but he can really harm the wild horses.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's find this Animal Abuser

Please post to your lists. Someone, somewhere will recognize this facility or animal abuser. Let's get this guy arrested!

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