Monday, March 22, 2010

March 20th Update on Condition of Horses rescued from Hemphill's

Ms. Hemphill admits she sells horses to slaughter in Canada. Two of these three are sick but probably would have been on the truck to slaughter regardless. So the question is, Who wants to Eat a Horse .. especially a sick one? 

The road from Crowley's auction house to Hemphill's to Canadian slaughterhouse would have been brutal. Did Hemphill know these horses were ill? Would it have made a difference?

Derby Trafaire - Good News on him thank goodness because weight wise he was the worst and according to Carole who shipped him very depressed. His bloodwork came back negative for everything. On Monday, when his coggins comes back if everything stays the same he will be able to leave. His vet bill will be approx $880 that will include his stay, tests medication etc.

Heaven's Host - Not good news, she has tested positive for EHV4 (Equine herpesvirus 4) we have no idea yet how long she will be staying, she is currently being treated. This affect the respiratory system. I am also not sure of the laws in Maine but I know sometimes farms are put under QT for this.

Ilithyia -  Not good news either - she has tested positive for Influenza A, we have no idea how long she will be in the hospital, she is currently being treated.

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