Sunday, April 11, 2010

Open Letter About MO HB 1747

Letters To Leaders
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Horse Slaughter Bill in Missouri

President Barack Obama
Sen. Richard Lugar
Sen. Evan Bayh
Rep. Mark Souder

April 3, 2010

I am writing today to share my disturbance regarding Missouri House Bill
1747, the passage of which would authorize horse slaughter and negatively affect horses in all states. Three years ago America's last horse slaughterhouse was closed, bringing to fruition the desire millions of
Americans across the nation shared, that horse slaughter will not be
sanctioned within these borders. Horses are iconically held beings,
representing perseverance, freedom, and determination, and we must not
degrade this symbolism or the wish of Americans by validating the
fundamentally inhumane act of commodifying them.

Please allow me this opportunity to elaborate. The duplicitous nature of
this bill is shocking, a unprincipled motive to secure financial wealth
for a few exploiting an already tenuous economy and majority fears. The
reasoning has been presented that slaughterhouses would provide
much-needed capital and employment. This is an irrational argument meant
to invoke societal approval for a condemned industry. Working in a
slaughterhouse is hardly an employment option many would consider except under the most dismal, desperate circumstances. Indeed, jobs provided by a slaughterhouse are among the most dangerous, grueling, and sporadic, exposing excessive injuries and turnover rates. In fact, if you study the past employee demographics of slaughterhouses a disturbing pattern emerges, revealing shockingly exploitative positions and conditions, many times without associated benefits.

Additionally, any slaughterhouses would most likely be European-owned.
Because horse consumption is illegal in America, even rudimentary
economics expose foreign markets as cost-advantageous. Unfortunately, the shipment of horses to be slaughtered in other countries, including Canada, is largely concealed by a greedy industry, but Americans, having already collectively voiced to terminate horse slaughter, would reject the same in other countries. And certainly any American benefits as the result of foreign ownership would be negligible, and establishing potential economic advantage to validate unethical actions is unacceptable and we must not allow finances to compromise our moral parameters.

HB1747, an inherently deceptive proposition, would severely compromise
already marginal protections for other numerous nonhuman animals as well, including companions, essentially eliminating any proactive measures as championed by concerned and compassionate voters. Eroding protections to sanction savagery desensitizes society to animal exploitation, relaying the inaccurate and unethical message that animal abuse is not only tolerated, but it is also promoted. When human animals become immune to nonhuman animal suffering, acceptance of all suffering is realized, an immoral and dangerous legacy for future generations. I therefore respectfully request that you consider your potential participation in an inherently cruel industry that capitalizes on the abuse and killing of
horses and voice censure of HB1747. Please instead practice compassion and respect by refusing complicity in death.

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