Friday, February 18, 2011

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I had to post this .. the pens crammed full of horses, the wranglers smoking next to the hay, and the one horse throwing itself over the fence to get away and be able to return to its family.

All this yet observers are kept a mile and a half away in the interest of "safety." It blows my mind that they can do this with a straight face and continue to get away with it.

Another day....

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Sent out reports and loaded video.

Will edit when time allows.

Snow fencing down all day at holding until BLM media and lead PR show up... then up it goes for "safety" by a contractor smoking a cigarette by the hay bales....

Safety? (photo by E. Buzan)

A horse fought so hard to stay with family that he literally flung himself over the fence... video when I can find time to edit... later (most likely same horse) vaulted cleanly over.

Threw himself over (E.Buzan)

Gorgeous stallion that I believe came in two days ago could be photographed and has evidence of a wound on his face....

Facial wound (Leigh)

Pens are literally packed as roads were too bad to travel this am.

Another storm coming over weekend....

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