Tuesday, March 1, 2011

USDA says no horse meat transport across state lines

Good news from USDA and tie-in to the debate

While writing his next statement for the debate, John came across this article that was just published. Bottom line is that even if individual states pass legislation to inspect horse meat the USDA stated they still can't transport across state lines. Didn't we tell them that??? What is priceless in this article, is Larson's comments. Just like many of our radical opponents, you give them the facts and they still dismiss it and continue with their propaganda.

The sponsor of the Nebraska bill (LB305), Sen. Tyson Larson of O'Neill, and the Legislature's Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Carlson of Holdrege aren't buying it.

Larson said Monday he'd like to see the section of federal law or the 2008 Farm Bill that specifically bars state-inspected horse meat from leaving the state.

"From everything I've seen, I would have to disagree (with the USDA)," he said.

Federal law would not allow horse meat to be shipped out of state


Debate Update: We have heard that Duquette has issued an alert (not on facebook but through another channel) asking his minions to post comments on the debate. I'm sure you'll see more incoherent posts shortly!

BTW-I know everyone is frustrated with the amount of time it is taking to post comments but please hang in there and continue to show your support. If you haven't followed the debate here is a snapshot. John has posted two clear, concise statements with facts and supporting documentation. Stenholm posted a biography and a rant against HSUS and PETA.

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