Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cattle Tripping the Light Fantastic! (not)

Never mentioned in the EA's, the damage cattle do to the rangelands must be acknowledged. Here is the Sierra club's view.

Sierra Club Grazing Committee

Restore our Western Wildlife Heritage!
Help Remove the Adverse Impacts of Livestock Production on Our Public Lands

Grazing in the Sonora Desert
Grazing in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona. America's arid western public lands are at risk from taxpayer-subsidized livestock production.
Livestock grazing occurs on more federal public lands than any other commercial use, affecting more than 260 million acres – an area the size of Texas and California combined! Additional impacts related to livestock grazing – including water diversions, wildlife killings, and mile after mile of fencing - further threaten the wildlife and wild character of these public lands, including habitats important to many of our most imperiled species of plants and animals.

In the United States, livestock grazing has contributed to the listing of 22 percent of federal threatened and endangered species—almost equal to logging (12 percent) and mining (11 percent) combined. No other human activity in the West is as responsible for the decline or loss of species as is livestock production. The Sierra Club has placed a high priority on protecting and restoring native wildlife and habitat to our public lands by seeking management changes that will correct livestock impacts. In some locations, this may require an end to commercial livestock production.

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