Monday, June 13, 2011

Is the U.S. House of Representatives smarter than a 1st Grader?

Only Time will Tell ...

........................... Below is from the TB Friend's blog posted on Monday, June 13, 2011. The blog is written most Monday's through Friday's by the owner of Thoroughbred Friends, Joe Shelton, from Woodland, CA ....

With such a busy weekend, it is difficult to focus on a single subject. But I wanted to tell you about Tias. Pronounced Tee Us. 9 years old, Tias came to us and asked if I could recommend a riding instructor close to her home.

Tias has been studying horses since the age of 5. Tias can talk the talk. She knows about tendons and navicular. Tias easily recites the anatomy of a horse. She tells me Misty has a sore back, and so do you Joe.



Tias then said: You should give out links to the slaughter houses. If people saw what happens to a horse, you would have more adoptions. Then you could rescue more horses.

I think people can imagine. And if they really want to watch, it is easy enough to find.

Then Tias added: On your website you should tell the world to quit breeding. I figured it out when I was 6.

--------------Here is my comment: -------------

So, if a six year old can figure this out, why can't Sue Wallis, Conrad Burns, Charlie Stenholm and a host of other people who pretend to be horse lovers? Ask yourself what Wallis' and company gets from opening a horse slaughter plant and why, if they love horses so much, they have expended so much money and effort in trying to kill them by the hundreds of thousands?We spend so much time trying to dispell in our horses the notion that we are predators and want to eat them. Turns out, for some horse owners, it was all a lie. Sorry, we do want to eat you after all. We just pretended we didn't.

I wonder if the hypocrisy keeps them up at night?

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