Saturday, August 13, 2011

Texas feedlot horses starved and then slaughtered

Recently, I was part of a Facebook discussion titled: Slaughter Beats Starvation. I contend that its a false argument and a false choice. It should NEVER be slaughter or starve, for any animal, and those that see the argument in those terms are trying to set the stage for discussion based on a false premise. Ergo .. a waste of time.

Starvation is terrible. Slaughter is terrible. Why not feed the poor horse a bale of hay and quit trying to make a lousy dollar off its last, dying breath.

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Today's News

Remember the recent report from the EU that revealed drug residues in horses and the falsified paperwork that accompanied the horses?

In the situation with the Texas horses, we now have names attached to the same type of falsified paperwork and another example of how horse slaughter does not prevent cruelty and neglect. How much more evidence do we need?

Here are the latest updates.

State Investigator Confirms Wholesale Flouting of Coggins Documents

Texas Prison Horses Returned to Custody of Slaughter Holding Pen as Sheriff Fails to File Cruelty Charges


Abbey said...

I am interested in adopting three of the prison horses. If they go up for adoption, how would I go about adopting one? My personal email is

Thank you,

Arkansas Blogging and Updates said...


we're pretty sure all those horses shipped. One judge allowed them to be seized. The other one ruled that the horses be returned to the lot and except for those in the worst condition. There are no prison horses among that group.

Very sorry, but there was little anyone could do to save them.