Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saylor Creek - PART 2

I couldn't find the E/A * but have found the DRAFT RMP and the section on Wild Horses under Alternative IV ... which is the BLM preferred alternative. The information below is found on page 2-105. The date of the RMP is August, 2010. And the comment period was over on January 31st of this year, but during my conversation with Brian Davis, he indicated that they will still accept comments, but he added they needed to be reasonable.

Per the current WH&B specialist, any stallion returned will be gelded. ALSO of note, they plan to have a non reproducing herd of over 100 horses and plan to add supplemental water sources .. (so my question is this: If they can do this for a non-reproducing herd, why not for a reproducing herd??)

Chapter 2 Section 2.3.10

Management Specific to Alternative IV (the Preferred Alternative)
WH-IV-G- 1. The Saylor Creek Wild Horse HMA would be managed for a thriving natural ecological balance.
WH-IV-O- 1. Manage a non­ reproducing herd of up to 200 wild horses in the Saylor Creek Wild Horse HMA.
WH-IV-A- 1. Manage the entire Saylor Creek Wild Horse Herd Area as an HMA.
WH-IV-A- 2. Manage the Saylor Creek HMA for a non-reproducing population of wild horses. The initial herd size would be approximately 130 wild horses; the estimated herd size would be about 200 non-reproducing wild horses.
WH-IV-A- 3. Allocate forage sufficient to maintain the wild horse population according to allocation levels described in the Livestock Grazing section.
2-105 August 2010
Chapter 2: Resources Wild Horses
Jarbidge Draft RMP/EIS
WH-IV-MA- 1. Develop a Herd Management Area Plan.
WH-IV-MA- 2. The HMA would remain open to livestock grazing, although grazing levels would be adjusted on an allotment-specific basis to accommodate wild horse numbers.
WH-IV-MA- 3. Re-design pasture configurations and fences within the HMA to facilitate wild horse social interactions and free-roaming characteristics.
WH-IV-MA- 4. Increase the reliability of artificial water sources for horses within the HMA.
WH-IV-MA- 5. Commercial SRPs would not be allowed in the HMA.

* I found out later that the E/A disappeared from the NEPA database once the decision of record was announced. The folks at Jarbidge have since sent me a copy of the E/A.

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