Friday, January 13, 2012

An uplift for my spirit!

Thursday, I spoke to a group of senior citizens at a local church where my Dad has been going to respite care for almost five years.

I knew, from speaking with the respite director, that her volunteers had heard about the possible opening of horse slaughter plants here in the states and that nearly all of them were saddened and dismayed by the news. So, I spoke briefly to them to tell them how we got to this point and what they could do for the horses. I have to tell you that I was amazed and heartened by a group of sixty (the younger ones!!), seventy and eighty year olds who seemed interested, engaged and truly cared enough to do something.

They signed letters and petitions, gave me the names of family members who were interested, they took bumper stickers, armbands, asked questions and wanted to help.

I also heard about a group at a grocery store a few weeks ago that had set up a table for signatures on a petition. I am renewed .. not because I dare to hope that my Arkansas delegation will actually do something about the ban on horse slaughter, but simply because there ARE people out there who think this is wrong and are willing to speak up and do something to stop it.

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