Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Ken

March 1st, 2012

Ken Salazar

Secretary of the Interior

Department of the Interior

1849 C Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20240

Phone: (202) 208-3100

Fax: (202) 208-6956

To Secretary Ken Salazar, DOI

Dear Mr. Salazar,


Why did you appoint a pro-slaughter person to be the public's representative on the Wild Horse and Burro advisory board when it's clear that the majority of American's are opposed to sale without limitation or any other method that leads to slaughter of America's wild horses?

Why is Ms. Hendrickson scheduled to appear at the Summit of the Horse being held in Oklahoma in April where many of our wild horses are contained in LTH pastures? Is she representing the BLM at that forum? If so, why is a BLM pro-slaughter advisor representing the public at this Summit which is merely an excuse for returning horse slaughter to the United States and using the horses in LTH as a source of income?

While your actions don't surprise me, your continued show of arrogance is noted and I oppose this appointment and am asking you to rescind.

Secretary Salazar, your agency was responsible for the lack of oversight which led to the Massey Mine deaths, your agency was responsible for the lack of oversight which led to the Deep Horizon disaster, deaths and destruction, and your agency was responsible when the deaths occurred at the off-road race in the Mojave desert.

Why do you even have a job at the taxpayer's expense?


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