Friday, August 10, 2012

Anyone remember the Texas 25 saved from Presidio?

Here is information on the Texas 25, originally destined for slaughter but rejected by Mexican authorities and left to starve at the Presidio holding pens.

Those 25 were the lucky ones, as others in worse shape were dragged out into a dry wash and left to die.

Firelight South Ranch of Alpine, Texas knows of a few more in need. These are ranch horses turned out in the Big Bend, Texas area a few years ago, picked up, taken to auction, and now are in need of help. Mares and filly have been purchased by the rescue, but they are still in need of hay, vetting, etc. Please help if you can.

Here is their Facebook page:

and a link to chip-in for the current rescue effort. (8/28 - Goal was reached with the help of a generous donor).

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