Saturday, February 16, 2013

A must read on fertility control for wild horse advocates.

Gonacon is NOT a pesticide. It is a hormone. It is reversible. It is effective. Do more trial studies need to be done?  Of course. However, from this report, I would say it is preferable to SpayVac as the mares do not cycle and it does not produce the edema that PZP does.

If we want our wild horses to be continuously removed from the range, mares to abort in dirty short term holding facilities, stallions to be eviscerated by gelding and the constant worry over whether or not the 50K horses in holding are siphoned off to slaughter, then I say to advocates, continue to oppose reproductive control. The current screaming about our wild horses being given pesticides in the form of reproductive control is technically incorrect. While I am concerned that these methods of reproductive control were removed from the USDA and put under the EPA, the only pesticides that I know our wild horses are actually being given are wormers and no one seems to be contesting that.

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