Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Do nothing Congress puts horse slaughter back in play

The writing is on the wall. Republicans will hold government spending and the new appropriations bill hostage in their attempts to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act and not enact any new Appropriations bills.

Conrad Burns was right when, in an article from a month or more ago, he was quoted as saying he doubted the Ag Appropriations bill would pass and that Congress would vote on a continuing resolution that would keep the 2012 Appropriations bill in play (the one with the de-funding of USDA inspectors in horse slaughter plants language removed).

This is just what Valley Meats in NM is counting on should the current lawsuit against them by HSUS and Front Range be dismissed or should our side lose in court. We have until the end of October to lobby Congress to pass the new bills or we could see horses being slaughtered in New Mexico in November.

By David Lawder
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Floating a strategy for thwarting "Obamacare" in autumn fiscal debates, House Republican leaders on Tuesday pledged to demand a one-year delay to the health reform law in any deal to raise the federal debt limit.
They also unveiled a strategy to withhold money to implement Obamacare in connection with a stop-gap funding measure that would keep government agencies open from October 1 to December 15."

And this came in an email from my Arkansas Senator John Boozman:  

Federal Spending: The fiscal year begins October 1st and Congress hasn’t passed appropriations bills so we have to rely on passing a continuing resolution to fund the government. We will work to rein in spending and reduce the cost of government so we can continue to provide the necessary services and continue our efforts to cut back on wasteful programs that are abusing taxpayer dollars.

What he means is that no appropriations bill will pass until and unless they are able to de-fund or repeal The Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare). 

In the meantime, our anti-slaughter leaders are at yet another worthless conference when they should be exhorting us to call and demand that our government be funded and that the people's representatives do their DAMN jobs.

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