Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sign Petition below to Impeach Salazar

Was anyone watching Salazar during the Gulf Oil Spill hearings? Was this man out of his element or what? He is clearly reached his level of incompetence and needs to be removed from office.

He has been Secretary of the Interior for three tragic events:

The April 6th, 2010 mine disaster In West Virginia where at least 25 died and left NO survivors.

The April 29th explosion of the Deep Water Horizon that killed 11 people and did billions of dollars of damage to the Gulf Coast, marine and plant life.

The August 16th, 2010 off road racing disaster in the Mojave Desert that killed 8 people .. and ruined countless more lives.

Has there ever been a Secretary of the Interior whose lack of good governance has cost more lives?

Sign this petition ... he needs to go back to his ranch in Colorado where the only thing he can kill are his own cattle.


Please read carefully before submitting your information.

Thank you for your support.

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